• Raz posted an update in the group Group logo of Rumbling Thunder PatrolRumbling Thunder Patrol 4 weeks ago

    Mom is finally reading the book for Book Club. I think she’ll get it finished in time.

    • It goes really fast and we hope she thinks its fun. We finished it last week
        • Raz replied 4 weeks ago
          She sat out back by the pool and read it yesterday.
            • Sounds wonderful to sit outside. It has been raining really hard here. Mom finished the book a couple of weeks ago. It really is a quick read.
                • We finished it too, and found it interesting, Dad usually passes our books on to our thirteen year old grand daughter, but isn’t sure about this one. The theme may be a little too adult, what do you think?
            • We were at 70 today so were in the cat yard a lot. Dad went out for a bit too
              • Pete, my mom says it really is not an appropriate book for a 13 year old. The promiscuity and drug use is too much. She didn’t really think it was appropriate for Cat Scouts.

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