• RaenaBelle High posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 4 months ago

    We’re okay. It’s 71 degrees today and will be 21 degrees tomorrow. I’s not been feeling so good the last few days and have hurled several times. But, I’s spent lots of time in mommy’s lap. Zebby is soooo jealous. MOL We’re sending hugs and purrayers fur all.

    • That’s quite a a swing in temps. Oh no any thoughts from the vet?
        • Yep Cat, winters in the south. MOL Nothing new from the vet. We need to schedule more xrays and see what other tests he recommends. Per our email to you, our vet was on a conference call when mommy took Zebby in, so they didn’t get to see him. Mommy mentioned the test y’all had talked about to the “new” vet and she said that nothing could be diagnosed with that test. She recommended more xrays as well. So, unless we want to start all over with a new vet (and we wouldn’t have a clue who to go too, as our vet is supposed to be the best in the area), we kind of have to follow their recommendations for now. ūüôĀ
        • I hope you feel better soon. XO
          • Wow that is a huge swing in temperatures. I hope that you feel better RaenaBelle. We are sending purrs and prayers.
            • Chip replied 4 months ago
              I missed this yesterday, RaenaBelle. I hope you are Okey dokey!! Yes, weather in the South, even the Upper South (aka Kentucky!) is usually quite schizophrenic!!
              • RaenaBelle I hope the vet finds the problem and you feel better soon. Barfing is not easy on the bod and it tastes horrible. POTP to you my friend.

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