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    We have an update about Einstein.
    We just spoke with the lady who has been caring for uncle Pete’s kitties, Einstein, Fitzy, Toby, and Rumpy. They have all gone to the same home and are staying together. The lady that took them in was a local friend of his. Fitz has actually come out of her shell and made friends with the resident cat at their new forever home. Einstein has been vetted and is well. The other kitties are being scheduled for checkups as well.
    Pete’s death was sudden and unexpected by him as well as those around him. He hadn’t been feeling well for some time but kept putting off going to the doctor until it was apparently too late.
    There is a will with money put aside for the cats, but not sure when it will be settled and money allocated for them. For now tho’, all is well and okay.

    Mommy did give them the cat scout info. and den masters email address and tell them we would luvs fur Einie to continue to be an active scout, so we’ll see.

    Seems uncle Pete didn’t realize exactly how sick he was. This has caught everypawdy by surprise.

    • Thank you for the update RaenaBelle. This news makes us very happy. Especially me. Now I know how my Einey is.
      • Thanks for the update. I know SammyP’s mom was willing to adopt them but it sounds like they are taken care of. It’s so sad about Pete.
        • Thank you for the update.
          • Thanks for the update. I am glad they have a home and they are all together.
            • Thanks for letting us know….we’re all happy that they will be TOGETHER…..and chances are if the adopter was a friend of Pete’s they’re a super duper cat person so they are in a wonderful home. I feel a sense of relief.
              • Raena, i know that Mr. Pete was even more speshul to you than the rest of us…that getting beyond speshul!!! I/we appreciate your good news, just as much as you knew we would!! Yeah, breathing is easier now. Still very sad, but breathing is easier! I hope his new “mom” will be able to keep Einie in Scouts. Even if he isn’t as active, and I’m sure this whole thing has ‘changed’ Einie some, we will still be so happy if he can! And if she can be persuaded, DM can do it! Thank you so much for letting us know!! You are a very kind kitty!! 🧡🐾❤️
                • That is good to hear, that they are staying together and that they are going to someone Pete knew. I’m kind of sad they aren’t going to our scout friend but I hope their new forever home will bring them to scouts.
                  • Thank you for letting us know. Our hearts go out to Einie and his siblings. It must have been devastating to them, to lose their dad.
                    • Thanks for the update. I’m glad they’re all together and it sounds like they have a good new home.

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