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    Hey scouts, we were talking to Cat, and we somehow misunderstood this group. Although, to be honest, when it started, we were going through some heavy stuff and mommy could barely keep her head above water. anyways, sorry I’s not purrticipated more and hope I’s can do better going furward. As most of ya’, we’ve got the sads here. We miss uncle Pete something fierce. As most of ya’ also know, our online family is the only real family we have. Uncle Pete and Timmy are the reason we know about cat scouts and so much more. So, losing them at the same time of year we lost sis Dezi last year, has really been hard on us. But, we’re still hanging in.

    • Raena, your Scout family is always here for you!
      • You and your family are always in my prayers. XO
        • We love you RaenaBelle and are always here for you. You and your family are very special to me.
          • We all care about each other! That’s why I started this group…..the pandemic was just rearing it’s very ugly head, and to honest, I was scared. I just wanted us to have a place to check on with each other so that we all knew everycat was ok! It has worked well, I believe!! And let me also say that you and your family are important to all of us, as we all know we are to you!! 🧡🐾

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