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    In memory of our much loved & missed angel Scouts! The angel cats watching over us from Starclan. (from Warrior Cats book series)

    • That is so lovely, Pete
      • So nice, Scout Pete!
        • So very sweet, Pete! You always hit the right note, buddy!
          • Pete S what is the first Warrior Cat Book?
              • “Into The Wild” is part of the first six books that started it all….. it is in the group of books called “The Prophecy Begins”. It is about a young orange tabby cat named Rusty who lives with his hoomans & his backyard backs up to the edge of the forest. Rusty can smell the cats & know they hunt for their prey in the forest. He is intrigued & one day jumps his fence and ventures into the forest….. the books are wonderful even for adults. Mom is listening to them thru audible so she can listen in the car. She is finishing up the prequel series of how the Clans began. That group of books is called “Dawn of the Clans”
              • Raz replied 4 months ago
                That’s beautiful.
                  • Pete H let me know how you and dad like the Audible books. Mom is addicted to the series! She gets so emotionally involved with the cats. She luvs Bluestar and the medicine cats, Spottedleaf, Cinderpelt, Leafpool.
                    • Raz I would LOVE to see our Book Club read Warriors series! Timmys dad was going to send us his set of the first set of books, I guess he did not get them mailed. Mom wishes she had received the books from him. She would have treasured them *wipes tears* Pete loved the books as much as mom does.
                    • Lovely Pete S.
                      • Jake replied 4 months ago
                        • Mom read the Warrior Clans series also where the cats move to another plane becoming stars!
                            • YES Star Clan! Mom is currently reading the “Power of Three” series and she listens to the books on Audible.
                            • That is awesome Pete

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