• Pete S. posted an update in the group Group logo of Night OwlsNight Owls 3 months, 1 week ago

    Dropping by to say HI & I miss you all very much! Enjoy the beauutiful full moon tonight! Hopefully mom is adjusting to her night schedule now (9pm – 6:30am central time) & I can drop by more often. Full moon cocktails to enjoy tonight…….. and big Scout ((hugs)) to angel Felix who visited us.

    • Those pictures are so beautiful and so serene and relaxing to look at!
      And the full moon cocktails are delicious. Thank you so much, Pete.
      I hope your mom likes her new job and schedule.
      How handsome Felix looks, scattering angel sparkles over everyone
      • Oh, Pete, So sorry we missed you! Not being able to look at the moon is something that makes me sad, but I certainly love hearing about it! Hope our paths will cross soon, buddy!

        Thanks for the lovely photos and cocktails! Felix certainly likes to sprinkle some angel dust over us! You’re the best, Pete!

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