• Pete H. posted an update in the group Group logo of I’m OK!I’m OK! 2 months, 1 week ago

    We are okay! Most of the clean-up is done. Our neighbor was cutting up a relly large limb that fell in his backyard and the chain on his chain saw broke and cut his leg, sixteen stitches later . he is okay but has decided to let the tree service finish the job whenever they can get to it. It appears that someone drove a nail into the tree at some time and the nail broke the chain

    • How awful!! Chip and I send healing purrs to your neighbor!! We are glad the cleanup is coming along!
      • My God, Pete, that could have been much worse! I am so glad your neighbor is OK. Big tree work is not to be taken lightly! Mom once had a 40′ limb fall into her yard after Hurricane Isabel way back in the early 2000s. It just missed her roof and her neighbor’s roof. It took a crew 2 days to cut it up into removable pieces.
        • Your neighbors situation was scary, I am glad that he is OK.

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