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    We’re okay, it super cold (for us anyway) it’s 36 degrees now and dropping. there is a light rain falling with some little ice pellets in it. The neighborhood kitties Beauty and Harry are relaxing in their heated beds in dad’s workshop and we are all lying on the hearth enjoying the fire in the fireplace! Stay warm everyone.
    I’ll be snow b;owing the walks and driveway at the Rumbling Thunder den this morning, Hope to see lots of you there tonight!

    • My heavens!! This is very cold for you. It makes me cold just reading it. How are the plants and the palm trees handling these temperatures? They must think someone took them to the North Pole.
        • Our plants do pretty well at these temperatures as long as they don’t last long, the banana trees don’t like frost and if the cold lasts very long the bananas will not ripen this summer!
        • Wow it is really cold for you. That cold air seems to be hitting everyone. Stay warm
            • Thanks Andy we are trying right now we are all on the hearth by the fire!
                • Mom and Ken had to go to Orlando area for Ken his medical treatment as mo apptsin Jacksonville this time! So pm and Ken heading back into your cold Chef Pete
                    • oops! Mom and Ken! My typist Mom can’t spell on her cell phone so we’ll and in Orlando it was 52 and rainy but driving North on 95 tge temp is now 42 F
                      • It’s 38 here but feels like 31
                        • Hope Ken will be able to get what he needs, Mango, and your pawrents will travel safely.
                    • Good work, Pete! Glad you’re all safe and hunkered down.

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