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    We are okay! It;s bright and sunny here, %0 degrees now and heading for a high of 62. dad made soft scrambled eggs this morning and we kitties all got some with our regular breakfast! Yum! Lots of birds and squirrels on the feeders this morning so my brothers and sisters and I all camped out on the windowsills watching them. the Blue Jays like the peanuts as much as the squirrels and they seem to fuss at each other as they grab them!

    • I bet those eggs were delicious. I think it is fun to watch Blue Jays take a peanut in their beak and fly away with it. Last summer mom put out peanuts in the shell for the chipmunk and squirrels. They disappeared really fast. Mom looked out and saw Blue Jays grabbing the whole peanuts in their beaks and flying away with them. There were quite a few Blue Jays and they took all of the peanuts.
        • The Blue Jays are smart they stand on the peanut holding it against a branch and then they use their beak to peck a hole in one end to get the peanut, then they put the other foot on the open end and get the other peanut! It”s fun to watch them!

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