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    Pete yawns and realizes that he didn’t post the Rumbling Thunder dinner menu last night! So sorry!
    Tonight’s dinner is one of our Fall Favorites! Shepherds Pie! I hope you can join us! for dinner and friendship!

    • Mom’s friends are taking her out for her birthday so I won’t be here. It sounds fabulous so I hope there are leftovers!!
        • Raz, my Angel sister Lucy-Fur says she will drop off a take home box at your house!
          • Raz, I can deliver to go boxes to you and your sisfurs, if you want!! Teleporting…an just sent them to you!! We will miss your furry face though!!
              • I WILL SEND them. Fat paw syndrome. And I didn’t proof read!! It isn’t ready yet!!
                • I didn’t read before I wrote! Just now saw that Lucy-Fur is dropping off go boxes for you later. Sorry Raz. That’s very nice of her to do that!! I will make certain the bedtime treats are in the boxes!!
              • Hi Pete I will try and make it if Dad does not need me at home
                  • If you can’t be here with us, Einie, let us know, if you can, and I’ll teleport go boxes for you and your furmily!! How many? But I really, really hope and pHrr he’s feeling better!

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