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    We are all okay, It’s 82F but not very humid, so it;s pretty comfortable. Dad cut our grass and all of us got our monthly flea drops. Our vet switched us to Advantage2 and we don’t mind it so much as we did Bravecta. Mom is in a zoom meeting so we are banned from her computer room right now. I like to lie in front of her monitor so I was sitting outside of her door meowing at her from time to time. finally dad invited me to sit on his lap and and get some brushing, now we are all happy!

    • I hope the Advantage2 works for all of you. I am not sure why your mom did not want you to be the center of attention at her Zoom meeting. I am glad that you got to sit on your dads lap and get brushed. I guess that would make up for not being the star of the Zoom meeting.
        • I got to attend mom’s book club and everyone said I was very handsome! Th book was A Team of Equals about Abraham Lincolns cabinet! It was pretty dry, I suggested that they read some Max Mysteries.
        • We used Advantage and it worked well. Those closed doors are so annoying and it is nice now that Dad is retired we dont have them anymore. A good lap and attention is the best right

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