• Pete H. posted an update in the group Group logo of Hello Kitty LoversHello Kitty Lovers 1 month ago

    I was trying to think of what to make for our Tuesday Dinner and dad started making fried chicken for his and mom’s dinner. That aroma of good old southern cooking was to good to ignore so I decided that we have a fried chicken feast ! Hope you like it!

    • Sounds Delicious Pete I will bring my appetite Yum
      • Chip replied 1 month ago
        Sounds really good, Pete!! We never get tired of your great Fried Chickhen!!! But I am running out of ideas for a complimenting treat. Wait a minute. I might have an idea. I off to the bunk rooms to get them fresh and ready!! See you later!!
          • Thanks for the help Chip. Don;t worry about new treats for every dinner, Sometimes old favorites are just fine! Pecan Pralines are a purrfect complement to any old fashioned southern meal!
          • Oh I would love a real sweet iced tea!!
              • Here you are Mango, The pitcher and glasses are on the drinks table, I’m just finishing setting up the buffet table! We’ll have serve yourself dining tonight!
                • FlyAway Home us how a Developer downed some trees he was not supposed and Amy found a bunch of Canadian Goose eggs and they hatched! It’s the story of Amy and her Dad flying to show the Geese how to fly South for the Winter!!
                  • Is it Dessert time? BananaPudding??
                  • Yum
                    • I am going to eat some Fried Green Tomatoes!!
                        • And a large plate of Fried Chicken legs with Mashed Potatoes and ColeSlaw! Yummy Yummy!!
                          • Yes Mom arrived in Vermont to go to VermontLaw School in 1998 and directions like that!!
                              • Dad got directions like that in Bayou LeBatre Alabama, He was trying to get to the site of training crash that he was investigating, and he finally had too get a police office to lead him through the woods!
                                  • Yup! Yummy yummy Chicken!!
                                    • I am glad that he got to the training crash site.
                                      • There were no fatalities the student and the instructor both ejected, Dad had been involved in a training accident and was recover at the time he was off of flight status at the time and was temporarily assigned to the Air Force Investigative Service at the time
                                        • Yes!Ken and I stopped too early at Vermont Law School about August15 and drove a rural Wooded road largely one lane and many backwoods houses!
                                          • Well Vermont is so similar!
                                            • Mom watching FlyAway Home now! MEEE, Mango, I am ready for dessert!!
                                            • They were trying to get911 in Vermont so many had to be given addresses! Not just all living first at BallaMacRee Farm it was 300 acres and 6 houses!
                                              • Make a second left at the dead tree that was hit by Lightning 3 years ago!Then make a Right at the Big Rock! You can’t miss the Big Rock except there are 20 Big Rocks!
                                            • Good Nightt Friends! Dessert hit my Sweet Cat Teethh

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