• Pete H. posted an update in the group Group logo of Birthday Party DenBirthday Party Den 1 month ago

    Sorry I haven’t been here much today dad has been really busy he’s been trying to fix our garage door opener, and the parts aren’t available so he had the idea of making a replacement part with epoxy. he made a clay mold of the broken nylon part and then filled te mold with epoxy, the epoxy is curing now. we’ll see how it works in the morning. In the meantime we want to wish all of you birthday kitties a very happy birthday!

    • Great card!
      Your Dad is inventive, and creative! What a good idea he had.
      • Thanks for the card Pete. Hope that brainstorm works out
          • Dad drilled the new piece and installed and so far it is working. Now he has time to decide on what kind brand and type to replace it with
              • Wow Pete that is great that he was able to figure out how to make that temporary piece himself!
                Your dad is a smart guy! I am sure you have taught him everything he knows.
            • Jake replied 1 month ago
              Neat idea. Great card.

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