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    Hello all. Wanted to stop by and see how things were going. My cards are on order, and I hope they arrive soon to get them in the mail! It was hard not having Oliver on the card this year, but his brothers did a good job of wearing their bow ties for pictures. Our new family member, Pumpkin Spike the bearded dragon, is making his debut on the card this year. Our address is the same as the one above.

    • I am glad that you stopped in. We miss you
      • Oliver, it’s great to hear from you! We miss you here and look forward to seeing your fursibs!
        • We sent our card to you Oliver and look forward to meeting the family
          • Hi there and welcome to Pumpkin Spike. He sounds like my type of playmate.

            We do miss OliverHughes.

            • HI Oliver Hughes! We miss you and are happy to see you pop in to Scouts! Wow a bearded dragon brofur, how cool. Mom sits for a bearded dragon & shew luvs the lil guy. Last time she was there she realized the lady left his glass top open so she asked if that was intentional. the lady said, “heavens NO!” and was thankful mom asked. Lil dragon dood never tried to escape his glass house and thank goodness cause there is a cat & two large dogs in the house also. Im betting on the dragon to be boss of the house…MOL

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