• Oliver Hughes posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 1 year ago

    Hello all, well I found a kitten to send to mom. She is happy and I think this will be a good fit for my brothers. His name is Charles Donald and he is going to sign up to be a Scout. I don’t know if we should stay under my name, or if he can get his own??

    He is going to need someone to help him as he is a kit scout still. He was found running across the road by a kind gentleman who took him into mom’s Petsmart. She fell in love and brought him home that night! Clearly, he is already getting into mischief and needs to learn the scouting ways!

    • Oh Oliver what great news! Your new fursib could get his own name or he could use yours, What ever you decide, we will always hold you in our hearts!
      • Raz replied 1 year ago
        Welcome Charles Donald. You can let him use your ID or do a new one just for him. I’m sure he’ll be a great Scout just like you!
        • Tyebe replied 1 year ago
          Oliver, you angel but devilish guy! A new kitten for mom….yahoo!! I say give him his own ID. I’m hanging about usually so he can call on me too as I was a Kit Scout not long ago.
          • That’s wonderful news Oliver. Concatulations on your new little brofur.. I am looking forward to meeting hi.
            • Cat P replied 1 year ago
              Oliver that is awesome news! We miss you very much but will welcome your brother with open arms. We can certainly help him out. Welcome Charles Donald!!
              • Welcome Charles Donald! He is so cute. We miss you but we will welcome him with open paws.
                • Tubby replied 1 year ago
                  Aww he’s cute. Congrats.
                  • Oh, how totally cute, Oliver! You obviously had a paw in his rescue! He can get his own sign-in info, but I think he’ll have to email DM for that info. (At least that’s how I had to do it this past January.) Welcome aboard Charles Donald!
                    • Hello Charles Donald. Oliver we will all do our very best to help him out. I think get a new account for him but then you can share too. Hard to decide
                      • Chip replied 1 year ago
                        Oooh!! He’s adorable!! Yes, Charles,,he won’t ever take your place not with your mom and. NOt with us!! But he will help your mom not feel quite so lonely!! Looks and sounds like you did a great job!! Charles Donald is a mouthful!! Maybe he will tell us if he’d like a shorter nickname?! I can’t wait to meet him!! I’ve never know an boy Kit Scout!! This will be pawsum!! We won’t make him carry all the kitty litter when we go hiking or camping!! Well take good care of him!!!
                        • Oh my gosh, what a cutie pie. Oliver, you were a wonderful angel Scout to direct this wee bit of a kitty to find your mom. I so look forward to meeting Charles Donald in person once he signs up to be a Scout. 💖🐕‍🦺

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