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    Hi All, we’re okay. KJ has been very stable and predictable (and with a FLUTD cat, this is GREAT). Mum is doing well. She is still having some discomfort but it’s controllable, and she gets tired easily, but overall she is getting stronger each day. We’re trying to be kind and find joy, just still a bit weepy.
    Purrs for you all. <3

    • I think a bunch of us and our moms are going to be weepy for a while. Mom said she feels like all the sad stuff from this last year has all come back in one big dark cloud in her heart. It’s just going to take time, I reminded her, until the pain dulls a bit.
      Purrs to your mom! My mom is trying to purr right now, with NO SUCCESS! She said she wanted to send purrs to your mom!! MOL!
      • Sending lots of purrayers Obi. Mommy’s been hurting really bad lately, and all the sads and crying is only making it worse, so we totally understand.
        • Hope mom gets totally better very soon, Obs! Glad to hear KJ is doing well!
          • Obi glad to hear your Mum is getting stronger……we are all a bit weepy lately so sticking together is a good way to share and feel closer with our Scout buddies and pals.
            • I am glad that K.J is doing well. I hope that your mom continues to improve. We need to give our pawrents lots of purrs right now. My mom is also quite weepy.

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