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    Mom just read a nice poem and thought of Dad Pete Cusack! It’s called TREASURE EACH DAY by Flo Spaulding Evans
    We should count each day as precious, For when each day is gone
    We can never recall it,
    It has gone to the great beyond.

    We should love and cherish
    Our loved ones each new day,
    That there should be no sad regrets When they have gone away.

    Life is so very precious
    There is no room for strife,
    We should love and guard it
    This beautiful gift of life.

    Let us walk out in the dawn
    Touch the fallen dew,
    Stop to smell the roses
    Maybe pick a few.

    Let your loved ones know you love them, Greer them with a smile,
    Give them a flower of your love
    Life is just for awhile.

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