• Mango Creasey posted an update 3 months ago

    Hello there Jake! Hello all dear Friends! I am sitting here considering all the Angels I want to see!First I want to truly see Angel Maple as she led me to Mom who needed MEEE, as much as I needed her! Angel Maple knew both things! It is very sad , truly, that SweetAngel Maple only got a a TWO-YEAR LifeSpan! Today,Mom says Maple loved to play Fetch the CatNip Rabbit Furry Mouse! Mom says they played Fetch for hours every night! So,
    Now, Today, Mom really knows howMaple and she lives FUN each Day! So With Maple playing Fetch and she slept physically, along Mom’s Body, Gazing into Mom her eyes as each of them dozed off to sleep! In Mom, her Memories, She really does knows that she and Maple truly grasped life each day, when Mom got home from work! And, Maple was, of all kittens Mom has had, only Maple ever played Fetch the Catnip, Rabbit Furr Mousies!!

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