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    Prayers please for me. After the dentist mom and Matt found me ears and tail down and really grumpy when they touched me. Plus there was puke on the floor and I felt warm. Rushed to vet but; everything seemed ok. No fever. Then Matt tried to pet me and touched my tail and I hissed. I am still really upset. Mom is thinking maybe I hurt my tail. Like maybe fell. Wish I could tell her. So she called Dr back and I got some Gabenpentin for today and if not better tomorrow morning have to go back to vet. I keep hiding too. Vet told mom just let me be for today.

    • I am so sorry that you are not feeling well Jake. We are purring and praying for you.
      • I wasn’t very nice or happy after my dental eithr Jake. We’re sending lots of hugs and purrayers.
        • Matt found his clothes moved on the top of the closet. They were on the edge. So mom thinks I tried to jump and didn’t make it and was trying to hold unto the clothes. I will not hold my tail up. Matt’s bed was gone cause he was waiting for his new one. I did eat twice since I woke up. I can jump up but; having a hard time jumping down off of things.
          • Something might have spooked you. Hopefully a good sleep will make you all better, jake!
            • So sorry to hear this Jake…..sounds like you must have had a fall or something and hurt your back or tail. Hope it feels better today!
              • Jake, I certainly hope you are feeling better today. No kitty wants to keep going back to the vet. Sending lots of purrs and POTP.
                • Oh no, I hope you are ok.
                  • I am not doing well. I didn’t want to walk today much. Not eating to much or drinking. Mom is going to try to get me in tomorrow for an Xray.
                    • Purrs and prayers that you are better soon.
                      • Thanks everyone. I forgot to update here. I had a pretty good day after the vet gave me some meds. I am less active today. Mostly resting. Mom thinks cause they gave a higher dose of the inflamation med yesterday. Was already on pain meds. And I might of felt too good. I can wag the bottom of my tail now and raise it some. I could not even do that. It just hung there. I appreciate all your prayers.
                          • Hooray for being able to move your tail a little. Resting is good for you.
                            Sweet dreams to you and your mom tonight.

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