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    My mom bought a maternity pillow to help her sleep cause of the pain. Anyways she says it smells like old lady perfume from the 18 hundreds. MOL. The whole living room smells of this. You have to wait for it to expand.

    • I sure hope that it helps her!
      • So many things have a strange scents when you order them
          • Mom bought a soft blanket from Walmart once and it smelled of clemicals. She could not get the smell out even after washing so she threw it away. Never had that happen before from that store.
          • Jake, has your mom been to the doc to see what’s wrong? What’s in the pillow? I’m guessing lavender, rosemary or chamomile.
              • She hass so many Dr’s that she went to the wrong clinic the last time. MOL. She has Diverticulis(not sure of spelling). She got this 3 times since Dec. She has many problems with her insides-digestive type, GERD,etc. Some she had since surgery and no one can say why. Long story she says. It’s not supposed to smell except the package was air tight(you know when they put something big into a small package. And than you have to wait for it to expand. It said it might smell because of the foam stuff inside. It does!

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