• Jake posted an update in the group Group logo of I’m OK!I’m OK! 2 months ago

    Kind of late. Mom has many appts this week. Dr put her on blood pressure med. Also her and Matt switched rooms so I hid. Another nice day. Friday is going to be real cold all day and 31 during the night.

    • I hope that the blood pressure medicine helps her. Did you get confused when they switched rooms. Change can be hard for us cats. Stay warm
        • Jake replied 2 months ago
          Mom can’t even take the trash out I get real scared and hid. Yes all of us cats were like what happened. Plus mom’s bed is off the floor(they had to keep the same beds in the rooms-mom had smallest room). Matt likes the bed on the floor. And that darn vacumm was out again. You know how we love the vacumm. MOL.
        • Jake, it kind of sounds like you are living in a board game right now!! Tee Hee!! My mom has been on blood pressure medicine for-absolutely-ever!! 40 years!! Hers was scary high when it was discovered when she and Dad had theirs checked at the State Fair!! She’s 73 now and in VERY good health! Just make sure your mom takes it everyday!! She should be just super duper!!!

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