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    Hey everyboday. How are you all? We’re pretty good. 70’s today and cloudy cause we had some rain earlier. So mom has some blinds pulled up for me to look out. Dad went to urgent care early. Been tossing his cookies for over a month. Plus not feeling good. He is diabetic. Mom gets mad cause he buys big bags of candy and junk food. His blood sugar was high and his A1C was over 11. So on the way out mom made him make an appt with Dr(it’s next door). Had to wait till Dec so mom asked for someone else. Got an August appt.

    • Jake hope your dad is ok. Sending him positive thoughts.
      • Oh my goodness, I am glad that your mom made your dad go to the ER. His A1C was really high. Good that he could get an appointment for next month, but he needs to behave in the meantime. He should take his blood sugar levels seriously.
        • Good for mom being proactive, Jake! Hope your dad finds some healthier snacks!
          • Hope he’s feeling better soon. A Dec appointment that is crazy. Glad he was able to get an appointment for next month.

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