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    Good morning. It’s 15 below with the windchill. It’s supposed to get colder around 8am and then by noon 5 below. Mom hooked up 2 of her camera’s for outdoors with her smarty phone and then had to register the box that everything goes into and now she has it on her TV but; it won’t work on her smarty phone anymore. Keeps saying no device located and when she does what it says she gets error on the camera page. She has looked up issues and tried different things. People complain on the app it’s a hit and miss. She would rather have it on her phone and be notified if someone outside. It’s a Night Owl if anyone has one and can help.

    • Jake replied 4 months ago
      Forgot to say Dr Matt called yesterday and told mom to call today and he would squeeze Cashew in to get another shot to see if it will help. He is just not getting better no matter what.
      • Purrs for Cashew <3
        Good luck with the camera, too
        • I am glad that your mom has camera’s hooked up. Your neighbor is not nice, so it is best to have camera’s just in case. Hope Cashew feels better.
          • Mom found a customer support number for Night Owl. Maybe they can walk you through the troubleshooting. 1-866-390-1303
            • Try customer support like Andy suggested cause if your mom is having problems then there are others that have had the same problem.
              • Oh, Jake, we hope mom can get that resolved soon. You definitely want to “capture” any intruders or snoopers around your place!

                Hope you’re all feeling great today. Stay warm.

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