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    Hi all. Very stressful weekend. Mom still not heard from Dr so she gave up and read results. From what she can see no cancer but; she could get in future. She is waiting to see what the Dr says. She shared with a couple of people but; didn’t want to say anything before hand just in case. Brother Cashew had an awful weekend. We got 4.9 inches of snow yesterday they said and this morning some more. Going to be 20 below with the windchill tonight into Wed is the last they said. I think it’s mostly at night time but; daytime will still be pretty cold. Today still ok so far. Have a wonderful day.

    • Good morning Jake, We sure hope your mom can get some good news from the doctor, nd of course we are still praying for Cashew!
      • My mom and I are praying for Cashew and your mom.
        • Jake!! I’m glad she looked, and I hope she is feeling better about things! “Could get” is a long way from “have!” There very well could be some preventive things, and “could get” also means “might NOT!” But we are all still purraying and praying!! I’m sorry Cashew had a bad weekend. 😿 but maybe with your mom getting a bit less stressed and hopeful, Cashew will pick up some good and healing vibes!! Everyone Mom, Dad, and I know is hoping for an early spring. This has not been the worst winter even, but it sure has been a really awful one! We have had enough!! But if necessary, we will cope!!
          • Purring and praying for your mom and Cashew.
            • I hope the Dr calls her soon. Maybe they are sending a letter. We are keeping her in our prayers. I sure hope the vet gets cashew back on track soon.
              • Oh, Jake, We hope mom can speak with her doctor very soon so she knows what to do next. We are so glad she’s fine for now! Prayers for Cashew still coming your way.
                • Great news! Purrs for Cashew
                  • That sounds encouraging, I hope mom hears from the doc soon. Oh, poor Chashew.

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