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    I am sorry I am so late. Mom has to do Cashew right away when she gets home she had to activate two smarty phones. And we had to call Spectrum for help.

    • Family first that is rule number one. Love to all at your place.
      • Hope it works out, Jake! We have Spectrum in Maine, but we don’t use it. They have a monopoly on most services, so we don’t have TV.
          • Mom had 3 Tracfones and you can’t use them as of Feb 22 so she had to go with something new and Spectrum seemed to be the best one for moblie phones. She kept one with Tracfone and mom is thinking it’s going cost more then going with Spectrum so after a month she might change it. We got rid of cable but; have internet and home phone too.
              • It’s tough when there isn’t competition in a geographical area. We still use Verizon for our phones. Mom says she misses Ma Bell, whoever that lady was!

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