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    Busy day yesterday. Mom went to store at 6am. She wanted to beat the rush. Said everyone else must of had the same idea she did. Some things she knows she can’t get on a Sat if she don’t go right away. Found a bee in mom’s room. She was trying to figure out what I was watching and then she saw it too. She wouldn’t let me get it. She got the fly swatter out and smacked it. I got scared and hid. This is the 4th one that’s got inside. They’re bad right now. Hanging around the decks. Mom can’t see any bee hives. Earlier is was wasp problems. Not sure what these are. Not the bumble bees. We love those. 51 today. We had freeze warnings last night-32.

    • Yikes, bee stings really hurt. I am glad that it did not sting anybody. My mom freaks out if a bee or wasp gets into the house, because she is afraid we will get stung. I hope that your mom got everything that she needed.
        • Last year Mitzi got stung two days in a row when they were getting in the house. She was just sleeping and they stung her.
        • We’re they carpenter bees?
            • No I don’t think we have those bees here. I guess the ones on the deck are honey bees(and some wasps). Mom don’t bother the honey bees. The ones coming in are wasps. We get rid of those. They were coming in through the small air conditioner again. Dad found a couple openings so he fixed it and so far no more bees.

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