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    Hi everybody. Mom is going have to call the vet on Monday again. Going to be 66 and sunny. Another chilly night. Been 40’s every night so mom has the heat on. Got kind of hot in here yesterday so mom opened some windows. I go nuts for open windows.

    • Who is not feeling well? I think that fall has arrived.
        • Still Cashew. He is sneezing with blood again, hiding, not eating good, having more pain(med gave another pain med). You can tell he doesn’t feel good again. He has been to the vet 4 times now and they cannot find anything wrong with him(except the 3rd time she could see his nose was closed-irrated like from a cold). Gave antibotics the last 2 times. Eye meds one time. Noticed he is limping-arthritis.
        • We so hope dear Cashew feels better soon Jake. Purrs and Prayers from us all
          • It’s way warmer there than here, Jake. Cashew needs to feel better damg soon.

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