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    Please healing thoughts or prayers for my brother Cashew. He has been fighting with sneezing, goopy eye, and a runny nose(which now has some blood)for awhile. They cannot seem to find anything. Dr did give him a Corvena shot(hope I spelled right). She is hoping it’s just a sinus infection. All see could see up his nose was that nostrol is mostly closed. She said inflammation can do that. She also said she noticed Cashew’s nose area when looking at his face seemed wider. Mom lost it at this point cause this is what happened to Tubby. She was looking to see if something like a toenail was up there which can cause his issues. Nope. The 3rd choice mom does not want to think about it a growth in there. If he still have bleeding on Monday she has to call to get him back in for more testing. Dr is hoping it is just the sinus infection. That is what she is treating it as for now.

    • Prayers and purrs for Cashew.
      • Oh Jake, we are so sorry to hear this. But, we are saying lots of purrayers and sending lots of big hugs your way. Tell your mommy not to worry and give her extra nose bumps from us. Ifin we can be of any help, purrlease let us know.
        • Purrayers and purrs for Cashew
          • Oh, Jake! I’m so sorry to hear this! But it could just be a sinus infection. I’m sending my purrs and Purrayers got Cashew! And for your mom! My mom is praying hard, too!!
            • Jake this is so difficult for dear Cashew and Mom must be beside herself with worry. Purrs and Prayers from the whole family dear friend
              • Jake we know how stressful it is to have a family member not feel good. Purrs and Prayers from the whole crew
              • Cashew is on Mama’s daily prayer list, we will continue to pray for him.
                Love to you and to him and to your mom ♥️
                • Thank you so much. Dr says 2 days for shot to work but; Cashew seemed more chipper this morning and so far no more blood that mom had seen or found. Still the one running nose and eye junk. Dr said he might need another shot in the future. So mom is hopeful but; she is still worried if that makes sense.
                  • Mom and I are sending our best wishes for Cashew, dear Jake.

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