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    Hi everybody. Can’t remember is I told you all but; another bird got stuck inbetween the hard plastic dad has up on the deck. Mom heard something when she went outside and she flew in house to get dad to try to quick open it up to get the bird out. She was afraid he wouldn’t make it. But; he flew out as soon as dad had the last part open. So he left it open now so no one can get stuck in there. Weird had up for over 2 years and never happened till this year. Says bad storms tonight. Looks yucky out/dreary. 80 today and then nice cool weather. Weatherman thought this was the end of the hot stuff. Enjoy your day.

      • I am glad that the little bird was OK. I hope that you get cooler weather. We are supposed to have high’s in the 70 and then by the end of the week high’s in the 60’s. It will feel like fall.
        • Glad that bird escaped Jake they can get messed up like that. Hope the storm is short and it cools off buddy

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