• Jake posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 1 year ago

    Hey everybody. A nice day till later on. Then rain/stormy. Nothing like the other night. So far there was 7 confirmed tornadoes the other night and they were looking at maybe 4 more in our county. Early hours again. Human brother works 5 days together and than two off. Hope went after me this morning. She got a time out. I hid. Sure hope everyone has a nice day. So fun last night here.

    • Tell Hope to chill out. I know about pesky sisters with our Miss Fitz. Glad you are all alright from those tornados
      • Jake replied 1 year ago
        They confirmed 9 tornadoes all together. 4 in our county. Mom watched TV when they had alerts and never said any sightings for our area except for we did have a warning with the siren going off.
        • Wow, Stay safe from the bad weather. It’s hard to have a bossy sisfur. I feel your pain.

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