• Jake posted an update in the group Group logo of Quiet RoomQuiet Room 3 months ago

    Please pray for my sister Mitzi. They found a mass in her lungs today. Mom toke her in cause she was breathing funny and wouldn’t eat. The vet is treating with steriods for congestion also as she also saw that in the Xray. She will do another Xray after treatment or if not getting any better. She wants to see if the mass will go away. If not it’s probably cancer and the vet said could be a day or a few months. Mom is not doing well with this news.

    • Oh Jakey, we’re so sorry to hear this news. We’re sending lots of hugs and purrayers fur your sisfur and whole family. Ifin we can be of any help, purrlease let us know.
      • Oh Jake. This is so hard on Mom especially after dear Tubby. We send you all the purrs and prayers we can muster!
        • Jake, mama’s is praying for Mitzi now. And she put her on her prayer list.
          ♥️🤗 Love and Hugs 🤗 ♥️
          • Jake this is so sad. We are sending lots of purrs for Mitzi
            • Praying for Mitzi and sending POTP to her and the entire family. My family knows how hard it is to lose two kitties in rapid succession, and they sure don’t want that to happen to your family. 🙏🏻💓
              • Jake replied 3 months ago
                Thanks everyone. Mom called the vet late this afternoon as she felt Mitzi was suffering and asked if they could help her go to the Rainbow Bridge. She went peacefully.
                • My mom and I will pray for her.
                  • Oh No! Jake we are so very sorry for you, Mom and the family. I will check with Timmy that she arrived alright
                    • Jake Mitzi arrived a little confused as it was a fast trip but I helped settle her in and she sends her love to you and Mom. She says she is so sorry she had to leave and thanks Mom for her life full of love
                        • Jake replied 3 months ago
                          Thanks Timmy. We miss her so much. Hope was looking for her all morning.
                        • Well, this is a kick in the teeth! Some vets need lessons on how to tell someone their baby has such horrible problems…they are not going to live through them.
                            • Jake replied 3 months ago
                              The vet did but; she was hoping her breathing would get better with steriods(she had lots of congestion) so we would have a bit more time with her. She wanted to do another xray in a week if getting better just to see but; mom thought she was getting worse by late afternoon and just couldn’t see her like that anymore. So she made a hard decision to let her go.
                            • Jake my heart is with you and your mom. Shoko nd I are beside meosws…..this is tough, Jake….on your family I mean. Mom was given a prednisone, Just 1. They forgot it was supposed to be for 5 says. Go figure. I am happy the vet was kind. We need way more kindness in health systems.
                                • Jake replied 3 months ago
                                  We have wonderful vets(3 at ours). Mom’s been going there since 1986. Of course they have had different vets through the years and the owner sold it to a vet that already worked when he retired. Everyone is kind there. We had the newest vet they had and she was so kind and caring with mom and Mitzi. Even thanked mom for letting her be with Mitzi at the end.
                                    • That is good to hear Jake. Dad had Paws of Love come to the house for my journey and I was on Dads lap the whole time. It means a lot
                                  • We got POTP working for her Jake. One step at a time.
                                    • I am so sorry Jake. Sending lots of purrs and hugs.

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