• Jake posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 3 months ago

    Hi everybody. Garfield,Mitzi,and I have to have ear drops. Twice a day. I did not like them at all. I let mom put them in but; then I wouldn’t stop itching them. All 3 of us have the itchy ear and vet could not find anything but; she wanted to treat anyway. She gave mom a big hug as mom told her she was having a hard time with Tubby’s loss. Was a nice day outside. I had some naps and then played so hard.

    • Jake, that is awesome that you played and forgot about the nasty ear drops. Hopefully you all won’t have to take them for very long.
      • Take care Jake, I hope everyone’s ears get better soon. Mom saw a picture of Garfield and thought he looked alot like Tubby, do they have similar features in their eyes or is it just mom?
          • Jake replied 3 months ago
            Garfield is a dark orange like the character Garfield so not sure. Tubby and me are similar in color and looks. I am a bit lighter and darker than Cashew. Mom says Tubby’s fur would change color in different light. He was a lighter orange color than Garfield.
              • Mom thought she saw similarities in the positioning of their eyes and nose not so much the color.
                  • Jake replied 3 months ago
                    I guess mom never noticed that before. Might be. Someone noticed that where Tubby’s M was on his head there was also a cat face. She never noticed that either. The person called Tubby the king of kings. Mom is not good with similarities.
              • Jake I guess a few days will show if those drops do anything. We cats sure hate having gunk in our ears. Glad you got to play and nap. Purrs for Mom. Dad still gets sad too. Tubby and Timmy look about the same in color both very handsome

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