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    We’re they going to have something on here for the Denmaster today? Or am I missing it somewhere?

    • Hi Jake, I was wondering the same thing!
        • Hi, Tyebe. May I give you a little whisker kiss and a paw hug?
            • I need several whisker kisses today, Coop. I see your brother is not back at home. I’m very worried about him. The thrill of escaping should have passed by now and he should be home. Shoko and I will keep our paws crossed. Is something coming on in this den for Denmaster? Mom and dad have now had their 2nd. vaccinations. One less thing to take care of.
                • Mom and Dad have not given up hope getting Sawyer home, but they are very discouraged. Along with everything else they are doing, they have been delivering flyers to every single house for 16 blocks around us. Like mom said, it is like he went poof!
            • Hi Jake – I think Chip was hosting something here at 7PM…..Just a few moments to think of Denmaster as Mr. Denmaster’s funeral was today. We know she has our best thoughts though.
              • It was on the wrong day but the sentiment and support was what was important. Wee sent lots of that and hope it helped

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