• Angel Gracie posted an update in the group Group logo of Wolverine PatrolWolverine Patrol 5 months, 1 week ago

    Thank you to those that were able to make my memorial tonight. We need to keep our patrol going. I am working on a new profile, album, and write up below our banner. New Angel photos were sent to your folks today via regular email. If you are an angel and did not receive one please contact me.

    • I know Angel Allie will be thrilled to have the Wolverines keep going! Her Angel photo is beautiful
      • I am sorry I am late. Mom was gone all day with Grandpa so …
        I am really happy that you are still here. Mom and I were very touched by Socks’ Angel photo. I had her email you the requested info before she went to clean up the kitchen.
        • That is such good news! It made me so sad to see the old pictures of our wonderful Wolverines. So many have gone to the Bridge. I am glad that we are keeping the patrol going.
          • Sorry I missed it.
            • Miss you so much dear friend!

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