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    Dad ate well this morning and says he feels incrementally better whatever that means. We are all ok today except for Miss Fitz. She is over the moon and ran in from the cat yard with a Cat-ch of a hairy woodpecker. She was growling at Einie the whole time. Then Rumpy and her got into a “throw the bird contest” and Dad had to intervene. Dad told Fitz to NOT hunt the birdies and she gave an “aw shucks, ok.” We are actually surprised as that is the first one in 2 years of having our cat yard. Be safe friends

    • Miss Fitz did have to ruin things. Although I don’t see where a little push and tickle wouldn’t be too hard on them. Get better Einey’s dad. We need you active for my floofy man.
      • I hope that your dad continues to feel better. Pawrents don’t seem to like us catching live birds or chipmunks or squirrels. I guess we have to settle for toys.

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