• Einstein posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 2 months ago

    Another very cloudy day here. Dad got out to mail some letters and practiced his walking. He says he is going to do his darndest because if we need him he needs to be there. I had some good mousie today and so did Rumpy and Toby. Miss Fitz spent the day out until the lawn buzzers showed up and now she is waiting for dinner with us all. Purrs and stay safe

    • Chip replied 2 months ago
      Is your dad doing ok, Einstein? Purrs to him!! You have a really great dad!! We all like him a lot!!
      • Einey,how’s my wee fuzzball. You could be helping dad by dusting. I have a skinny tail but yours is a duster on wheels.
        • Sending hugs to your dad.

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