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    Mousie came back to life, Yay! We are all good too. We did have trouble yesterday. The neighbor called and the delivery person for Amazon drove across the divider of our lawns so his and mine. He yelled out but they took off. If it had been nice it would not have been so bad but it was Pouring Rain! Now there are ruts. He called angry and Dad is writing to them to complain and will have our helper come to fill in with some topsoil. What a Jerk. Stay safe and see you over the weekend

    • Glad your Mousie is back!
      Amazon should make sure their drivers are better behaved than that!
      • We have seen youtube videos about some of those drivers.
        • 1-844-311-0406 is an Amazon number that mom had to call. It says that it is an emergency number but it gives you the option for customer service. It keeps trying to put you into phone h-ll. Mom kept saying “customer serivce” when it asks to describe the problem mom said ” I want to talk to someone in customer service”. I think that she had to do this twice but she did get through to a person. They should be able to track the person by the time and date. Good Luck.
            • We finally got drivers who know the area and can use GPS. We had a package that was put on a truck and returned to the warehouse THREE times because they said our address does not exist. We are paying for Amazon Prime. SMH
            • Andy this happened before and we used email and will this time as we have photos of the damage. Yes they track each package and should know who was in the truck that was the “FluidTrac” company. Thanks for the number

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