• Einstein posted an update in the group Group logo of Cat Scouts Memorial GardenCat Scouts Memorial Garden 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Timmy you were a great big brother who welcomed me to our home when I was a tiny little scrap of fur. I will miss you so much on my birthday and hope you can visit even to just give me a sign *sniff*.

    • Hugs Einstein. I am sure he will give you a sign.
      • Einstein, sometimes at night, I feel a tiny little movement in the air that almost moves my whiskers. It’s Angel Hermes soft, gently moving wings. At first I didn’t know what it was. Then one night…he did whisper to me. Just be patient, Einie. 🧡🐾
        • *hugs Einstein* Timmy was your big brofur and best friend. I know having him go to the Bridge has been hard on you.
          • Big hugs. He talks about you all the time. He misses you but; he does come to visit you.

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