• Einstein posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 3 months ago

    We are doing pretty well. Dad and Rumpy have been hanging on the couch at night and both feel better so that is good news. Its hot out but we have AC which keeps it comfy. My Angel Brother has some news so take it away Timmy.

    • Report from the Bridge: “During my Birthday Party I was chatting with our family angels and they said they were trying to send a lot of purrs to a kitty Dads Rescue friend was helping out. This is Katie. They were trying to catch her Mom for TNR when they caught her instead. she was walking on the top of her foot and everyone thought it was broken needing just a splint to fix, but, she had a big sore, and, sadly, gangrene. The vet said she was really sweet so instead of sending her to us at the bridge they decided to amputate her leg. This gave her a chance of recovery and she is doing well so far. She also had a very badly infected eye that had to come out at the same time. Today she is moving to a larger cage to see how she does. Dad is keeping track of her and there is a bit of a chance she will come to our house as a trial foster. There are a lot of balls in the air so nothing definite but maybe. I said we have the same eye stripe and light ginger coloring. She could be my sister. Purrs for Katie please
        • Jake replied 3 months ago
          Aww what a sweet baby. I hope she comes to your house. That would be awesome.
          • We will definitely be purring for Kathie, She is beautiful!
            • Raz replied 3 months ago
              Purrs on the way for Katie.
              • Oh, what a great little brave girl! I’d say GO FOR IT, Einie and Dad! She will repay you with such love and affection. Just look at that sweet face!
                  • And ya kmow
                      • That all male household with Einstein and Rumpy Bump and Hmm! Dad Pete needs a cute female kitty like Katie! she really needs a forever home like with Dad Pete!! Plusses we need another female at our HKL Tuesday dinnners with Bunty and Willow and me! Dad Pete also really needs a female kitty too! She will keep Einstein in line!!
                    • Aw, sweet brave girl. I hope your family does foster her and then decide to keep her.
                        • Hi Bunty!The Female Cat Scouts are You and MEEE and Willow and Cat Phillips too! I haven’t seen a lot of Cat Phillips lately! I hope she is healthy!!
                          • Let’s not forget Miss Fitz, Mango
                          • That’s awesome.
                          • That would be awesome!!!
                            • Chip replied 3 months ago
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                              Chip replied right now
                              I’m so thankful she has found a really great “foster” home. And, if she plays her cards right, by just being her sweet self, she could end up with a forever home! I like her name, Katie!! She needs love. 💛 her pretty eye reminds me of Angel Hermes!! His pupils were large, like Katie’s.

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