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    We are all alright. Timmy has been eating pretty well so that is good. Dad got his second Vax today and then a friend came over. They tried to cut Rumpys nails and he went nuts. Two people could not hold him. He is getting a custom treatment bag made for trims and his breathing. Dads friend is an awesome sewing person.

    • My sister Lucy (who is now an Angel, used to have to have her nails trimmed, get a bath, or be given medicine in a special net bag. She was born Feral and went Feral whenever she had to do something she didn’t want to do. Dad said he loved her because she faced life on her own terms!
      • Glad your dad is all vaccinated now, Tim! Sounds like Rumpy is a feisty kind of fellow!
        • Glad to hear Timmy is eating well AND that your Dad is fully vaccinated now. Nail trims are never fun for ANY of us!!!
          • Good job Timmy. Glad Dad got his second shot.
            • Sounds like Rumpy needs this custom bag. We need something to put me in when my nails are cut cause I go feral when dad tries to trim them. It takes mom and dad to cut my nails and dad only cuts the front cause by then everyone’s so upset they are past the point of wanting to help me.
              • I hope you can get a treatment bag for Rumpy. Keep up the good eating, Timmy.

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