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    I know I’m coming in at the very end….I had an optometrist appt that ran a lot longer than I expected…..

    All cats are special, but Gracie was exceptionally special. She did SO MUCH for scouts, including making uniforms and helping new scouts learn the ropes.

    My heart breaks for her mom and dad, and I hope they are able to find peace after their loss and be left with only happy memories of a terrific cat. Cat Scouts won’t be the same without Gracie.

    • Thanks for coming by Denmaster…….
      • Raz replied 4 months ago
        Great to see you Denmaster. You are right, Gracie was such a HUGE part of Scouts and we will miss her a lot.
        • That is for sure. She was a driving force. Thank you for joining us Denmaster. I know Gracie’s mom and dad will appreciate it.
          • Thank you for your kind words Denmaster. I will always be a part of scouts. I do not think I can give it up for good. I know this last year I was not available a lot of the time as I once was. I have met so many wonderful scouts and their families, gained friends, and support when needed. The folks are doing as best they can. They are surprised at how much of the day we were all together. Wherever mom was I was there. I was their snuggle cat and real people cat. Love my scout family.
            • Beautifully said.
              • Cat Scouts would not be what it is without Gracie’s guidance, leadership and many talents. *SALUTE* to angel Gracie
                • Denmaster, all so true ♥️
                  • So True. *Cat gives Denmaster a hug*
                    • How inspiring, dear Denmaster!

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