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    For those of you who don’t know — or were wondering why I’ve abandoned Cat Scouts — I’ve had a purrfect storm of suckitude envelope me for the last few months. As most of you know, I suddenly and unexpectedly became a widow in May. Immediately after the funeral I put the house up for sale and moved to Washington state.

    Unfortunately, just before I made the move I was diagnosed with skin cancer AND breast cancer. The skin cancer wasn’t a big deal (squamous), but the breast cancer is, and is requiring that for every test and procedure I drive to the Seattle airport (2-1/2 hrs) and fly to California (2 hr flight), and usually return the same day. I’m also suffering from some neurological problems with my balance and taste (from a TBI 6 yrs ago) so am having an MRI this week to see if my brain is bleeding again.

    So, if you hadn’t already guessed, there will be no jamboree in October, but I think a mid-Nov date will work. So pencil in the week of November 15th, and pack your knapsacks!

    • I am so sorry to hear about your health problems, Denmaster. We are purring and praying and sending love.
      • Dearest Dearest Denmaster, we are so sorry to read this news. When we read this, Mama stopped and prayed healing Bible verses for you. She will continue to keep you in her prayers. I’m sorry you also have to deal with that long commute for your healing treatment to restore you to purrfect health.
        ♥️ As you heal, you will not be out of our thoughts and prayers and love. ♥️
        🤗 Lots of hugs from us 🤗
        • Denmaster, you are always in our purrs and prayers. We know how hard this must be for you especially without Mr. Denmaster to lean on. (((hugs)))
          • I am sure you know we’re all praying for you daily and know that you will face all of this with the determination and strength that got you through losing Mr. Denmaster and moving. We totally want you to concentrate on YOU – if we can help in any way we will. HUGS……..
            • Denmaster we are purring and praying for you so you get through this with the help of many purrs
              • I am so sorry. )-; That is way too much suckitude for one person.
                • This is the height of suckyness. It doesn’t rain that it pours….You have the whole family’s POTP and mom’s POThand

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