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    Link to scavenger hunt:

    TIME LIMIT: None for going on the hunt….but it must be completed by midnight PT on 4/5.

    Roommates must go on the hunt together (enter both names at the start).

    To compensate for being so danged late posting this, three fabulous prizes will be given….Two for first and second place, the third drawn at random from everyone who entered.

    It is expected that you will need you google-search skills for the hunt…it’s “open book.”

    Winner is the one who gets the greatest number of answers correct in the shortest amount of time. For example, if the two top entrants were tied at 90%, but one finished in ten minutes, and the other finished in an hour, the one who finished in ten minutes gets first place, and the slow guy gets second place.

    You may start at any time.

    • Thanks Denmaster for putting together the Easter Scavenger Hunt. We didn’t have any pictures but that’s ok we guess what we thought they might be pictures of. With Cat still pretty sick it was a fun distraction. Hope you had a Happy Easter!
      • This is really awesome. Such an Eggstravagant Egg Eggsploration MOL
        • Finished the quiz with an 87.50. Probably missed the one I couldn’t find an answer to. But it took me forever…mom’s iPad was not being cooperative! It was fun, and I learned a whole lot!

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