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    Dad Pete was a GOOD man…compassionate, caring, kind, thoughtful, helpful, loving, giving, supportive. There are not enough adverbs to describe him. 💖🐈

    • So true. I only wish we could have met him in person. Remember we did a video get-together once which was fun.
        • I’m so very thankful for that group call.
          • Oh, that must have been fun! Mom actually visited him once because he lived very near dear old friends of hers near Wilmington DE. Mom planned to stay 30 minutes or so, because she had a date with her friends. Pete did not want her to leave, so she stayed 4 hours!

            He was a shy and private man, but with those he felt comfortable with, he could confide in and also be confided in. Mom and several of the Powerful Paws peeps kept in touch with him via phone and Skype. A win-win for all!

          • He sure was.
            • Amusing, fun, clever, witty,
              • That is very true Cooper Murphy. We are hurting because we know that we have lost a very good friend.
                  • I really appreciated how Nurse Pete took me under his personal wing, as well as making sure that Timmy and Einie would watch out for me when I first joined Scouts. I know Dad Pete had a special affinity for those of us who are “handicapped” but don’t let it get in our way of having fun and expanding our horizons!
                  • . . .truly
                    • Yes, we have.
                      • That is definitely a good start Cooper

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