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    Here are my answers to Cat’s questions.

    How did you find your forever home? I was rescued from a snowstorm by Mom and Dad’s friend who lives around the corner from them. I showed up on her porch and wouldn’t leave. She likes kitties, especially me, but she had three dogs that are not keen on taking me in.
    Did you find your parents or did they find you? My dad grabbed a Sleepypod and went through the snow on foot to get me. It was pretty obvious I had been abandoned, as I had been neutered, and was totally socialized, but I was really, really skinny. Mom put found cat notices on all the social media sites, but no one claimed me.
    Other than your mom and dad, who is your next favorite person? The Treat Lady who is our housekeeper and cat sitter; though, Mom and Dad never go anywhere anymore because of Sawyer’s seizure disorder. She brings us treats and nip whenever she comes to clean our house.
    If you are a solo cat do you wish you had siblings and If you have siblings, do you wish you didn’t(it’s ok to wish you were an only cat)?
    I am fine with my fursibs; though, I was little put out with sawyer when he got home. I have pretty much come to terms with that.
    What would you do if you got lost and couldn’t find your way home? That won’t ever happen. Before Dad changed the latch on the catio door to outside, I would pull it open and go out. Then I would just sit on the landing and whine to be let back in. I know what a good thing I have going!
    Have you ever accidentally found yourself outside, if so what did you do? I just answered that.
    Do you practice your survival skills? If so, how? Not so much. I let Mom and Dad take care of me. They’ve done a great job so far! I do make certain I never miss a meal if that counts!

    • Great answers Cooper. We are all lucky to have found good homes. It is fun to have lots of fur sibs. I can’t imagine the Blue house without lots of kitties.
      • That was so great of your parents and of their lady friend to take care of you when you showed up in a snowstorm.
        • Wow Cooper we remember your story as Mau shared it with us about how you were his new brofur. Really good stuff my friend

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