• Cooper Murphy posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 2 months ago

    It is with much happiness that I report after being missing for 24 days and 12 hours, my little brother is home thanks to social media, good neighbors and prayers! Thank you to all the wonderful Scouts and their pawrents who have been praying for him. 💓🐈🐾

    • Raz replied 2 months ago
      Best news EVER!!!! Welcome home Sawyer!!!
      • You have MADE OUR DAY! Mom and I have been so incredibly worried about that little brother of yours Coop but so thrilled he’s HOME. It was a dark time when he was missing and I hope that NEVER EVER happens again. HUGS ALL AROUND!
        • In the middle of morning work and errands I felt a compelling urge to check in here and WOW am I happy I did! This is WONDERFUL to read! YAY!
          • ALSO: You’re GROUNDED, son! You had peoples around the world worrying about you!
            ALSO, AGAIN: Big hugs! <3
              • You are not kidding about being grounded…for life!
                  • Yeah… you’re not going to be allowed to even look out a window without lots of supervision and probably a leash. Dude.
                • That is fantastic news!!!!! Sawyer welcome home, you had us all so worried and we are glad you are back safe and sound. Little guy you have a story to tell us.
                  • This is the most wonderful news. I am so happy for all of you. Welcome home Sawyer and don’t ever do that again.
                    • Thank God! That is such wonderful news. XO
                      • Jake replied 2 months ago
                        This is the best news ever!
                        • This is wonderful news! YAY for Mom and Dad Blue and all the kitties and people who worked so very hard to find Sawyer. Glad you are home my little pal
                          • Woo Hoo what supurr news Cooper! This is amazing and we want the whole story when you are ready to tell us
                            • Best news I’ve had all week!

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