• Chip posted an update in the group Group logo of Christmas Art ProjectChristmas Art Project 9 months ago

    Denmaster! Denmaster!! My Christmas project will be a little late! I do have an excuse!! The Post Office ate it!!
    It just came today. Mom and I are still laughing about the LARGE expression of their concern!!! WE CARE!! The pretty round red ornament is in two pieces. I’m pretty sure I can glue that!! The envelope looks like it was chewed by a big slobbering dog. Ewww! I think every thing else is there. Unfortunately for me, no extra credit for for holiday garb. Mom finally just got all the Christmas stuff down and packed and dad took it to the attic. Our attic….just think of that big BIG warehouse where they put the boxed Ark of the Covenant, but after the 95 mile an hour wind swept through it.
    Thank you!!, for sending the package!!
    Chuckling Chip.

    • Raz replied 9 months ago
      • Wow I thought our mail was bad. Your poor ornament got killed in the post office machines.
        • Ha Ha Ha! We’ve gotten notices like that before, Chip. It’s nice that they care, but they don’t reallY! So, We got a package yesterday mailed from S.Cal on 12/14. Mom’s cousin put a tracer on it, and it actually went across the Chesapeake Bay before coming back here. Insane!

          Can’t wait to see your ornament, dear fellow!

          • Oh Meow My! MOL
            • Oh dear, what a shame

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