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    Hi. Chessie and I are very well. Just a bit tired. Mom still has that nasty flu. Her diagnosis was “A flu. Not THE flu!” This is day ten and Chessie and I have been on the foot of her bed, one of us on each corner at the foot of her bed! We have been here non stop for ten days!! Mom feels really lousy! Coughs almost constantly. But she always covers her mouth with a tissue and immediately puts the yucky tissue into a plastic bag. She had read that cats CAN catch flu from humans. Purrs please for our mom. She doesn’t remember feeling so yucky, except in 2009 when she had the H1N1 Swine flu.. she had this year’s flu shot. She’s home, alone, except for us today. Dad had to go to Leitchfield today. Purrs, please!!!

    • Oh no!!! We were wondering if everything was ok there. We will say some extra prayers for your mom. My mom would have was going to call to check on you guys, she’s glad she didn’t because she would have hated bothering your mom.
      • We are purring and praying for your mom to get better.

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