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    Good morning, Furends! I just heard on the news that there is a tomato shortage!!! Because of droughts. Yikes! Well, it a good thing that here at CAt Scouts we grow our own veggies!! MOm is much better this am. Her guinea pig experience yesterday did her in. The Butchertown Eye Research mostly tests potential new drugs for dry eyes. They seem to all be phase three studies, so while she has to sign waivers, the risks are small. Yesterday started with a 3 1/2 hour medical history from her. (way too long!!). Then eye drops for an eye exam to check on her dry eye disease. Then…hurry up and wait… she sat in the back of a BIG truck..all set up with 4 big leather chairs, a TV, and 12 of those vornado heaters with pretty powerful fans facing the chairs. It is temperature and humidity controlled. It was quite warm, windy, and dry. They sit there for 90 minutes. It wasn’t painful, but it was very uncomfortable!! Then more drops, to check ocular pressure, then drops to dilate her pupils snd the doctor looked at her retinas! Finally they gave her a big tote bag (the pharmaceutical company’s name on it), a “lunch”sized insulated tote with two weeks of plain eye drops, to get everhbody’s eyes al much alike a possible. Then in two weeks they get their real drops. Half are the medicine, half are. Ot and no one knows who has what! For three months. Drops twice a day. Then it’s over and they put $700 on the debit card all the guinea pigs get!! Mom thinks it must have been the truck thing that wore her out. The heat. The humidity. And the discomfort. But she Okey dokey this am!!! Sorry this was so long..but I thought you might find it interesting! We do! Have a great day!! Enjoy the pool, the sprinkler, being outside! I’m afraid that before we know it, summer will be gone! I’ve been thinking we need a new mystery to solve. I have one tiny idea in my head. Chessie, Mom, And I are going to talk about it today. I’m not ready to tell everycat about my idea yet, but one small hint……my mom loves to paint. Art is so important to us all! See you all later!!! Purrs! 🧡🐾🐈

    • Hi Chip, we’re Sorry your mom had a tough day at her guinea pig session! I hope she gets the real medicine and that it helps with her dry eye condition!
      Enjoy your day!
        • Well, even if she get gets the real stuff, it won’t be available to be prescribed for a few months, at best. The FDA will scrutinize all the information gathered but all three studies, etc., etc., etc. and it will probably be expensive for a few years. Mom and the other GuineaPig don’t get a discount. Just getting the vehicle with out main ingredient will help her quite a bit. It will about the same as OTC eye lubricant drops. She appreciates your concern for her!
        • I’m sure that your mom had a very tiring day. It is a long process but she is helping with important research. Glad that she is getting paid $700. for it. It sounds like the testing should be over before Christmas. It would be very nice if she got her money before Christmas.
          • Mom was wondering why none at Walmart the other day.
            • Chip, We had an art mystery tour a few years ago. It was a ton of fun. Had to do with a missing Gauguin. Go for it, fella!

              Hope mom will be right as rain tomorrow and her eyes will be OK.

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