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    Good morning, Furends! It’s still stoopid cold here. But we are keeping warm inside!! Chessie did Mouse Patrol last night so I could go to Rumbler’s Dinner. Mom has demanded eviction!! I don’t quite know what Chessie said or did last night, but I can’t heAr a sound from them, and Mom said she doesn’t smell any mice this am!! Good girl Chessie!! So we are all well!! Yesterday’s UK game was unspeakable. They played Auburn. But they lost two excellent players during the game to injuries. It was close, but…..😿💙🤍. Please take care of your selves my furends!! And your pawrents!! 🧡🐾🐈

    • Maybe Chessie told the mouses to leave and they left. I think Chessie
      can pretty persuasive, (I did not say bossy, MOL). It is sad when college athletes get injured, I hope that they are OK. Stay warm.
      • Stay well, Chip! Sounds like Chessie is earning her keep at your house!

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